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Life Insurance Marketing Online

Life insurance marketing online is a different breed of cat. If you think about it you will get it, you will understand that this is different from face to face selling.

A new agent marketing life insurance offline starts with a list of about 100 names she gets from friends. After rigorous training she then hits the road to sell her product to these people.

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Whether she sells or not she asks for referrals. The whole thing blossoms from there.

Some agent do cold calls. The conversion percentages of these are much lower than those of referred leads.

Some agents use direct mail. This method yields an even lower percentage of conversions.

Life Insurance Marketing Online

In recent years life insurance marketing online has become very popular. It is an extremely effective method of getting your product in front of qualified prospects.

Think about it, you have people coming to your site ready to buy your product. All you need to do as a licensed agent is find out why they want to buy and how much. In rear cases you guide the prospect through a need analysis to arrive at an amount and type of policy that fits.

Problems You May Face

There are certain problems, or drawbacks, in marketing life insurance online.

The first thing is that you must get the search engines to list your pages. This is not as simple as it used to be. Search engines make certain assumptions of late that may or may not be correct.

Some sites that they put on top may be owned and run by people who have no clue. They have no idea how to optimise a page neither do they know how to sell the product when they get the prospect on the phone.

Another problem is that some people believe that they can fool the life insurance company by providing the agent erroneous information. The fact is they don't get away with lies.

With advanced technology a life insurance company can check out the answers on an application form in seconds. The Medical Information Bureau is very effective in checking out the answers an applicant provides.

Even if something is missed life insurance policies can be withdrawn if incorrect information is provided, usually within 2 years. After the 2 year period it cannot be cancelled by the company.

The key to life insurance marketing online successfully is to set up the business correctly from the word go.

1 - Incorporate. An S Corporation is the best way to go.

2 - Have a prepared presentation as well as answers to likely questions. Speak clearly, remember you are on a phone and not face to face with your prospect.

3 - Get licensed with at leased 5 companies who offer policies with low premiums. These carriers should sell policies on the non medical basis up to certain limits.

4 - Request and contract licensed agents throughout the 50 states. Pay them an attractive commission. Train them to sell on the internet.

5 - Get your agency licensed in all 50 states for life, health and auto insurance. The search engines are more likely to list your site if you sell other types of insurance.

6 - Buy the required Errors And Omissions Insurance.

All in all marketing life insurance online can be highly profitable if your pages are optimized for the search engines as well as the consumer. You could have the greatest product that exists, if nobody sees your pages you get no business.

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