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Instant Life Insurance

Instant Term Life Insurance

Instant life insurance online. We live in a world where everyone seems to want everything instantly. Life insurance buying has come a long way.

You can now apply for and get life insurance approved instantly approved online. It takes about 15 minutes.

Think about it, you give the company the information online by simply completing a short form and they can verify your answers in seconds. Because of these advancements you don't even need to go to a doctor, paramedic or nurse to do a thorough medical examination.

There are limitations, however, on the amount you can buy without a physical. You can usually get up to $500,000 coverage instantly online if you qualify. Some carriers offer up to $1,000,000 if you are with certain ages and are in excellent health.

People are also living much longer. Medical science has developed to such a level where many medical conditions that would terminate your life in a short period are treatable thus giving you many more productive years.

Instant Life Insurance Online

There are many companies offering life insurance online but there is one that is far ahead of the rest. They offer 10 year term, 15 year term, 20 year term and 30 year term life policies . These are level term policies.

The premiums are very competitive. The company is of the highest quality. These policies are renewable up until age 95.

If you are between age 18 and age 65 you can apply for a policy with this company. They offer between $100,000 and $500,000 coverage. It takes about 15 minutes to get approved. You then print out your policy online. This is truly instant life insurance.

Who are buying these policies? Any person who has someone dependent on them for financial support buy life insurance. You may be married with children or you may be a single person who has children. You may have a spouse dependent on you for support.

You may be a business owner who is aware of the great value of a specific employee. You buy life insurance so that the business can continue on smoothly if this valuable employee should die.

You may be a major shareholder or partner in a small corporation or partnership and want to be assured that if another major shareholder or partner died you would be able to buy out the shares from his widow.

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